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    Gallery JUNG x Context Miami 2018 [Hee Kyung Kim]



    Gallery JUNG x Context Miami 2018

    [List of the Artists]

    Sung Uck Kang

    Hee Kyung Kim

    Hyun Ok Park

    Jukerman Bahk

    Jung Sup Song

    Heung Woo Shin

    [Hee Kyung Kim]


    Bloom No.118, 120 x 120 x 11 cm, Korean paper, 2016


    Bloom No.134, 76 x 76 x 17 cm, Korean paper, 2016

    Bloom No.114, 80 x 80 x 7 cm, Korean paper, 2015..JPG

    Bloom No.114, 80 x 80 x 7 cm, Korean paper, 2015.

    Professor at Dept of Sculpture, College of Art in University of Suwon

    Vice-president of Korea Sculptors Association



    1979 B.F.A in Sculpture, Ewha Womans University

    1987 M.F.A in Sculpture, graduate of Womans University


    Solo Exhibition

    2016 Gallery Ponzetta , pietrasanta , Italy

    2015 International sculpture Festa 2015, Seoul, Korea

    2014 International sculpture Festa 2014, Seoul, Korea

    2013 Gallery Uhn , Frankfurt, Germany

    2012 Doowon Art Center, Busan, Korea

    2012 ART Karlsluhe ,Messe Karlsluhe, Karlsluhe

    2011 Insa Art Center, Seoul, Korea

    2010 Jay Gallery, Seoul, Korea

    2009 Seoul Modern Art show, Seoul Arts Center, Seoul, Korea

    2009 Centro S. Allender Art Center, La Spezia, Italy

    2008 Seoul International Contemporary Art Festival, Seoul, Korea

    2006 Urban Art, Seoul, Korea

    2005 Beijing International Art Expo, Beijing, China

    2003 Peppers Gallery, Tokyo, Japan

    2000 Sun gallery, Seoul, Korea

    1999 MANIF International Art Fair ,Seoul, Korea

    1998 Mac 2000 ,Paris, France

    1996 Gallery 2000 ,Seoul, Korea

    1994 Gallery Meegun ,Seoul, Korea

    1991 Press Center, Seoul ,Seoul, Korea


    Selected Exhibition

    2015 KOELN ART FAIR , Koelnmesse Hall 1, Koeln

    2015 ART Karlsluhe , Messe Karlsluhe, Karlsluhe

    2014 Korea International Art Fair , Coex Hall A, Seoul

    2014 SCOPE Basel , Scope Basel Pavilion, Basel

    2013 ART Karlsluhe , Messe Karlsluhe, Karlsluhe

    2013 SCOPE New York , Scope Pavilion3, NewYork

    2012 SCOPE Miami , North Miami Avenue, Miami

    2012 LA Art Fair , LA Convention Center, Los Anseles

    2011 SCOPE Basel , Kaserne Basel , Basel

    2011 ART CHICAGO , The merchandise mart, Chicago

    2011 ART Karlsluhe , Messe Karlsluhe, Karlsluhe

    2010 ART ASIA Miami , North Miami Avenue, Miami

    2010 ART CHICAGO , he merchandise mart, Chicago

    2010 LA Art Fair , LA Convention Center, Los Anseles

    2008 Europ Geneva Art Fair , Geneva Palexpo, Geneva

    2007 Art International Zurich , Kongesshaus, Zurich

    2007 Beijing Art Fair , Beijing Trade Center, Beijing

    2006 Shanghai Art Fair , Shanghai MART, China

    2006 The exhibition of art works by the association of asian , Tiwan

    2005 Beijing Art Fair , Beijing Trade Center, Beijing

    2004~1983 Group Exhibition 200th


    Public Collections

    National Museum ,Kwachun, Korea

    Seoul Arts Center ,Seoul, Korea

    The Blue House ,Seoul, Korea

    Embassy of the Republic of Korea in Turkey ,Turkey

    Shinchunji Art Center ,Chejoodo, Korea

    University of Utah State ,Utah State , America

    Hanam City Hall ,Hanam City , Koran

    University of Myungjun ,Taipei, Taiwan



    2011 20th The Korea Fine Art Award

    2005 Beijing Art Expo Silver Award




    Breaking away from three-dimensional sculpture for which she was mostly known, Kim started producing works with paper that can be seen as bas relief in 2009. The works became bloom series. For the series, the artist uses hanji which is traditional Korean paper hand-made with mulburry bark. Hanji is easy to press, stretch, or fold when it is still not completely dry, so it affords an artist great freedom in creating form. It is also very strong and absorptive. By a compressed air injector, Kim sprays colors on the paper sculpture she has created to complete her artwork.


    The image of the circle, the most complete of all forms, serves as the basic template of Kims Bloom series. Most of her works are of simple structures with gentle and elegant curves that are nearly circular, and multi-layered papers create delicate waves inside those circles. Numerous lines in parallel create gentle harmony with surrounding lines. Inside a circle is often found a condensational flow toward the center. It is much like a volcano erupting, sending lava shooting into the sky, or the coiling of a snail shell, or a leaf of a tree unfolding. Sometimes, it seems to be folding into the inside of the third dimension. Some works of the Bloom series are reminiscent of erotic flower and plant motifs created by Georgia OKeeffe in her paintings and sculptures.


    Kims work has always been inspired by nature, and her Bloom series is a beautiful tribute to the natures creative energy. Kim describes flower as a marvelous living thing that carries a new life as womb of a plant. The goal of her work, according to the artist, is not just to represent beautiful figures of flowers, but to express wide, deep, and unlimited natural vitality in nature.




    The root of my art world is Nature.

    It becomes the model for artworks and also purifies my soul gratefully.

    The idea of 'Bloom' is from the flower in full bloom.

    Flower is the one which is little and slender, but it is full of vitality.

    The goal of my Hanji artwork is not only showing the beauty of

    flowers, but also expressing infinite cosmic energy through 'Bloom'.

    I have been attracted to Hanji work for eight years. There are

    specific reasons for that.

    Firstly, Hanji is weak and soft, but at the same time, it is very

    strong. It has a long life, over a thousand year.

    Secondly, it delivers my emotions to others quickly and clearly.

    Thirdly, it absorbs and embraces all of colors, then mystic color

    comes out. Especially, I found out when Hanji meets an ink stick, a

    cosmic color can be expressed.

    Most important thing is that Hanji is the most suitable material which

    can express 'Stage of Meditation' to reach ultimately, through my art


    With working hard on 'Bloom' sustainedly, I will go further in

    dreaming of 'Blooming' of my enlightenment world.





    - Sculpting a shape with Polystyrene

    - Applying glue to Hanji

    - Putting one by one, making a shape and drying

    - Coloring

      Dyeing Hanji / Applying acrylic paints





    As a sculptor, from 1988 to 2008, I had been making sculptures

    Soul-Tree Series of Bronze, Granite Stone, Iron and etc which are

    traditional materials of sculptures.

    Then, Hanji production had been started from 2009. That period is the

    turing point of my life with going through rough time. However, myself

    could be healed by meeting the theme of 'Bloom' and Hanji, by making

    artworks excitingly.

    While I was realizing rising image of 'Bloom' , beautiful colors.. and

    infinite nature energy, my soul started opening gradually. Eventually,

    I overcame my slump.

    I hope this mystic energy of 'Bloom' can be spread to others as well.

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