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    Gallery JUNG x Context Miami 2018 [Heung Woo Shin]



    Gallery JUNG x Context Miami 2018

    [List of the Artists]

    Sung Uck Kang

    Hee Kyung Kim

    Hyun Ok Park

    Jukerman Bahk

    Jung Sup Song

    Heung Woo Shin

    [Heung Woo Shin]



    BFA & MFA in Plastic Arts, University of Paris VIII, Paris, France


    Solo Exhibition

    2017 Kyodong Art Museum, Jeonju

    2016 Hoseo University Gallery, Cheonan

    2013 Gallery I IN, Busan

    2012 Gallery We, Seoul

    2011 haeahn Gallery, Seoul

    2010 Ellen Kim Murphy Gallery, Yangpyeong

             Gallery We, Seoul

    2009 Gallery Mee, Seoul

             Gallery Jung, Seoul

    2006 Gallery Mee, Seoul

    2004 KAIST Gallery, Seoul

    1999, 2011, 2003 Depot Matignon Galerie, Paris

    1999 Espas AAA, Paris

    1998 Zafira Galerie, Paris

    1993 Morning Calm Gallery, New York


    Selected Group Exhibition & Art Fair

    2017 BAMA

    2013 - 2016 KIAF

    2014 - 2016 Busan Artshow

    2012 K-ART Exhibition, Gallery Godo

             HongKong Hotel Art Fair

    2011 Art Cologne, Germany

             Albuquerque Art Fair, U.S.

             Hyatt Hotel Art Fair

    2010 Korean Art Fair, New York

             Christies, New York

             Nogent Atelier Inaugural Exhibition, France

    2009 Open Art Fair, COEX, Seoul

             Transfer Exhibition, Gallery Ho

    2008 Changwon Asia Art Fair, Changwon

    2006 Asian Games Celebratory Exhibition, Doha, Qataar

    2005-2009 Korea Galleries Art Fair, Seoul

    2005 Bastilles Contemporary Art Fair, Paris

    1999 Geneva Art Fair, Switerland

             Salon de Virty, Virty, France

             Salon de Mongrouge, Montrouge, France   



    Korea National Museum of Contemporary Art, Art Bank

    Severance Hospital, Seoul, Korea


    Jongeundang, Seoul

    Jaeseung Publication




    The motif of Shins work is everyone and anyone. They include a traveler with a deeply furrowed face that the artist saw one day at a market entrance; bright little boys and girls passing beside his studio; a fat souvenirshop owner the artist met by the Eiffel Tower about 10 years ago; a ridiculous figure in a film by Charles Chaplin; and his daughter playing the violin. The fragments of memories pass like a ride in an amusement park quickly or slowly. With a silicone syringe in his hand, the artist depicts those who left him painful or delightful memories, those who he has seen in a magazine or in a dream as they come to his mind. While the city he lives is often considered to be a battlefield of cutthroat survival, the artist regards it with awe and affection as a place brimming with interesting and exciting energies. Shins painting begins by drawing out thin silicon lines from a syringe after spreading waste newspaper on the floor. Momentous, immediate action is required to continuously draw without cutting the silicon. These sketch-like figures represented only with faces or at times with their bodies are unrestricted and lively, and then they are glued onto the canvas, adding interesting texture to the flat surface. 


    Dance, 72 x 91 cm, Mixed-media, 2014


    Festival of the City, 72 x 91 cm, Mixed-media, 2015


    Jazz, 72 x 60 cm, Mixed-media, 2015

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