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    Gallery JUNG x Context Miami 2018 [Jukerman Bahk]



    Gallery JUNG x Context Miami 2018

    [List of the Artists]

    Sung Uck Kang

    Hee Kyung Kim

    Hyun Ok Park

    Jukerman Bahk

    Jung Sup Song

    Heung Woo Shin

    [Jukerman Bahk]



    Kyunghee University English Literature Dept. BA

    Kyunghee Graduate School English Literature MA

    New York University Tisch School of the Arts (Art History MFA, ICT Ph.D)


    Career Background

    Editor & Reporter at Joong Ang Daily News Publication Dept,

    Editor & Reporter at Marianne Magazine

    Editor & Reporter at World Women Magazine of Segye Times

    Editor-in-Chief at PC World Korea & Macworld Korea

    Editor-in-Chief at With China Magazine

    CEO & Founder at Mega Media Communications Inc.

    CEO & Founder at Live Media Inc.

    Adjunct Professor of Broadcasting & Multimedia Dept. at Dankook University & Graduate School

    Visiting Professor of Industrial Design Dept. at Daejeon National Hanbat University

    Director of eBook Research Lab at Namo Interactive Inc.

    Editor-in-Chief at Monthly Magazine Saram

    Owner of Jukerman’s Photo Lab



    Lomography Diana Mini Photo Exhibition (2011)

    1st Solo Show (Gallery Jung, 2012)

    International Instagram Festival (2012)

    30th Korea Galleries Art Fair (Gallery Jung, 2012)

    Invitational Exhibition at Hyundai Motors Art Showroom (2013, Gimpo)

    Invitational Exhibition at Zygos Gallery in Greece (2014)

    Invitational Group Exhibition at AARC (Randolf County Indiana State USA, 2016)

    2nd Solo Show (Gallery Jung, 2017)




    ‘Hope Concert’ (2011)

    ‘Is it love that unfamiliar feelings?’ (2017)



    Mirae Asset Capital, Sun Nong Foundation, Leica Camera HQ Wetzlar Germany,

    Leica Japan, Indiana State Randolf County Arts Association (AARC),

    Jimmy Page of Led Zeppelin, MoMA NY, MMCA



    [이 게시물은 최고관리자님에 의해 2021-01-20 22:11:26 Current exhibition에서 이동 됨]